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Apples From Heaven: Multicultural Folktales About Stories and Storytellers By Naomi Baltuck. Linnet Books, 1995, Apple Boat Press, 2007, PAPERBACK $15

 * Three Storytelling World Awards
   * The Anne Izard Storyteller's Choice Award

"A rich collection of short tales and anecdotes-solemn, silly, romantic, swashbuckling, sly, subtle, broad-will have any audience on the edge of its seats or rolling in the aisles…This is for all who read, need, or use stories-and who doesn't?"
                                                                                     --Kirkus Reviews

… a fine selection of traditional tales about stories and storytellers.  She practices restraint in her retellings, using a refreshingly straightforward approach and staying close to a traditional form that promotes reading and telling aloud… shows great diversity-there are stories from Iraq, Romania, and Melanesia… it is apparent from Baltuck's introduction that this book was a labor of love.  It is also a strong anthology that will be very useful in comparative folktale collections as well as to librarians and storytellers.

Crazy Gibberish and Other Story Hour Stretches (from a storyteller's bag of tricks) By Naomi Baltuck. Illustrated by Doug Cushman. Linnet Books, 1993, Apple Boat Press, 2007, PAPERBACK $15

  * Elementary School Library Collection, 20th ed.
   * Parents' Choice audiocassette
   * Editor's Choice Audio-Booklist

"Baltuck's enthusiasm…is evident in this useful compilation of chants, stories, songs, tongue-twisters, and other storytime entertainments…Instructions are simple, and each stretch includes a suggested age level, approximate running time, and musical accompaniment (where applicable)…The appealing format, compact size, and lively presentation make it a worthwhile title in any professionals' collection."

                                                                      -School Library Journal

Storytime Stretchers:  Tongue Twisters, Choruses, Games, and Charades By Naomi Baltuck. August House, Inc., 2007,PAPERBACK $15

A resource packed cover to cover with "two-minute miracles", October 6, 2007
Storytime Stretchers: Tongue Twisters, Choruses, Games, and Charades is a resource packed cover to cover with "two-minute miracles" ideal for working with children from preschool to high school age. Collected from author Naomi Baltuck's own childhood, as well as from other storytellers, and children
themselves, these delightful rhymes, tunes, call-and-response chants, and simple games are highly recommended for use anywhere children gather, from family occasions to Scout meetings to keeping young minds awake and alert at school. -- Midwest Book Review

Crazy Gibberish and Other Story Hour Stretches, CD or audio cassette. By Naomi Baltuck, CD $15

* Parents' Choice Gold Award, 1994.

"Baltuck's 18 'stretches' cover audience participation songs, chants, poems, nursery rhymes, jokes, riddles, and musical games…A great tape for crowd control or when the planned entertainment doesn't show up!"

… an enthusiastic collection of songs and stretches, short rhymes, calls and response, and other program fillers that young listeners will soon be happily chanting along with.  …A boon for beginning storytellers or storytime givers…contains examples of successful material to use with youngsters in a programming setting, whether in the public library, media center, or park district. Baltuck does an expert job of communicating her enthusiasm for her work, and the kids who contribute as singers and participators are clearly having a great time.  Even if you already have Baltuck's   print version of Crazy Gibberish in your collection, this cassette is not superfluous.  It will contribute a bunch of crowd-pleasing songs and stretches to your repertoire, and it is certain to become a favorite among young listeners.
                                                                                   --Storytelling Review

Crazy Gibberish Too!  More Story Hour Stretches, CD By Naomi Baltuck.  2006, CD $15

"This CD is fantastic!  It's sure to be an award-winner."  
                                                                                  --The Story Connection--   

The Land of Our Hearts' Desire: Stories and Songs Celebrating the Pioneering Spirit of Early Homesteaders in the Great Northwest – Audio Cassette By Naomi Baltuck, TAPE $10

"In 'The Land of Our Hearts' Desire' Seattle storyteller Naomi Baltuck gently interprets the westward experience of children.  Walking barefoot beside the wagon train, pulling their fair share of chores on the new homestead, these forgotten young pioneers speak through Naomi, sharing their unique vision of the western wilderness…

A must for all school and public libraries…"
                                                                                --Dr. Margaret Read MacDonald
                                                                                   Author, Folklorist, Storyteller

Traveling Light: Modern Day Fairy Tales of Time Travelers, World Travelers, and Story Travelers – Audio Cassette By Naomi Baltuck, TAPE $10

"…the original tales are fantastic, but with their sly humor and poignancy have an affinity with truth…for those who think they have outgrown stories."
                                                                            --The American Library Association

Christmas Seasoning: Holiday Stories with a Pinch of Sugar and Spice, a Sprinkle of Stardust, and a Twinkle of the Eye – Audio Cassette By Naomi Baltuck, TAPE $10

"Christmas Seasoning is an evocation of the spirit of the season: of giving of oneself, the real meaning of gifts, and the importancce of family traditions. Both in telling and in composition, these stories are as light and unique as snowflakes…" -- The Yarnspinner