The following programs and workshops are examples of some of the services that I provide. Each performance is lively and varied, combining story, song, and audience participation.


Young Authors' Conferences
Naomi shares stories from her books, and invites listeners to help tell the stories.

He Can, She Can, We Can
No job is too big, no hero too small, and brains overcome brawn in these empowering multicultural folktales.

The Land of Our Hearts' Desire
True stories of early homesteaders, as seen through the eyes of the children.  Walking barefoot beside the wagon, pulling their full share of chores, these young pioneers share their unique vision of the Northwestern wilderness.

Traveling Light Around the World
Let a story be your passport as we celebrate the diversity of world cultures through their stories. Russian, Irish, Jewish, British, Asian, African folk wisdom tailored to your needs.

True stories of an unconventional childhood, spent running barefoot in the back alleys of 1950s Detroit.

Wonderful Women
Multicultural folktales featuring spirited girls, courageous mothers, warrior women, and wise grandmothers.

In Our Hands
Stories that inspire and empower listeners to help take better care of the Earth.

Whispers in the Graveyard
Spirits come alive in this spellbinding array of haunting and mysterious stories.  Choose rib-tickling stories for children and families or bone-chilling stories for adults only.

Peace Porridge
Multicultural stories to promote cooperation, goodwill, and peaceful coexistence.

Tandem Tales
Multicultural folk tales told in tandem by a dynamic mother/daughter team, Naomi and her daughters Elly and Bea.

Celebrate the Season
Holiday programs tailored for every occasion.  Stories of Love and Light for Valentine's Day, Mothers and Daughters, Christmas, Hanukkah, Stories For the Irish at Heart for St. Patrick's Day, Earth Day, and more.


Crazy Gibberish and Other Story Hour Stretches
Wake 'em and shake 'em with these chants, action songs, and participation stories to delight and engage audiences of all ages. You don't need musical talent or performing experience to add these "two minute miracles" to your repertoire.  Excellent for librarians, educators, storytellers, and anyone who works or plays with children.

Teaching with Tales
Explore ways to integrate storytelling into the classroom experience.  Participants will go home with storytelling experience and a repertoire of stories to complement classroom curriculum.

Tell It With Me!
Participants experience the fun of telling stories, and go home with a repertoire of ready-to-tell tales.

On the Tip of Your Tongue: Stories You Didn't Know You Knew
Learn to recognize, shape, and frame your experiences into story form to share with family, friends, and audiences.

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